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Why Choose DachLove?

What type of products will be sold on

DachLove Australian's first online marketplace for Australian made and locally made with love by Australian Artisans and makers.  These dachshund items and handmade goods are individually made for human parents and their dachshund pets.  Artists/Crafters will be able to list all your beautiful craft/art.  You can even sell any custom made items (ask us for help here - we need to create a button for you). Australian Local and repurposed products will be our main speciality.  We want to be different and provide products people cannot find in shops.  Customers will be able to find it here.  From you!  

On our shop Dachshund lovers will find your one of a kind, unique creations.  We will aim to become their one-stop gift shop, where they can buy special items for their special furmily and friends.  We will showcase Australian designed / handmade / created gifts with its unique custom characteristics that no one else will be able to give.

Our friendly DachLove team will aim

  • To make your (and your clients) online experience as enjoyable as possible. 
  • We will help you to get more clients in multiple ways.

What benefits will you have as a seller?

  • Clients buying on DachLove website from another supplier will see your products as well.  If it is something they are interested in, they can buy from you, more exposure to your lovely products - you will get more clients
  • More ambassadors would like to showcase your products
  • More models would see your products on our website and would be interested in modelling your products
  • Bigger Social media exposure
  • DachLove advertising your stunning products via multiple channels.
  • More suppliers and their clients spreading the news about our unique products = more visitors
  • We also have an affiliate program.  If you do not know what an affiliate is, an, they paid a commission to promote all the products on DachLove.
  • You do not need to have your own website.  If you do have one - you can now benefit from another platform that you can sell your products from.
  • You will have your own online shop.  Shop you can personalise.  You can add your own personality and flair to your shop.  
  • You have the benefit of having a platform that handles all the sales for you. You only list the product, when you get a sale online, you only have to pack and send the product to your client.
  • No more market stalls where you have to take all your stock to the market, set up the stall, sit for hours and sell your products.  
  • No website hosting, domains, SEO or any technical website expenses

Why do I have to pay an admin fee?

Your admin fee will go towards the administration of website maintenance, client and seller services.  See more information in the pricing and billing page link in the menu above.  How much benefits you will receive for the minimal admin fee that you pay.

What costs will be covered by the commission that I pay?

The commission that you pay will cover the following.

  • It will cover the commissions paid to affiliates that will help us promote your products and website - more exposure in clients you do not have access to. (Affiliates program)
  • A team of professional technical staff that assist with listings
  • Group of like-minded people sharing the same passion
  • Exposure via DachLove Social media
  • DachLove sales team promoting the website and products on various platforms
  • Any other unforeseen costs that may occur


Hope this will answer your questions.

Still, have more questions please go to any page on the website and click on the message button on the right-hand side, send us a message via the messenger app.  You can also send us an email: or phone Cornelia 0450217653.

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