Proudly Australian made products buy/sell here.

Selling on Dachlove

Who can sell on Dachlove?

Anyone can sell on Dachlove, the only requirements:

  • Only Handmade items
  • Australian made
  • Australian Artist
  • Australian Designers
  • Australian Crafters
  • Dachshund specific products or Dachshund themed for humans or their babies
  • We want the most unique products, only the best for our pawsome friends

How do I become a Dachlove seller?

Click on the sign-up button below:  Happy Selling!  That will take you to a registration page, once you have registered on Dachlove, you will receive an email.  In the email, you will find a start selling link.  That will take you to your profile, where you will set up your own shop front, with your own logos and your own awesome branding!