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Prices & Billing FAQs

How much does selling on DachLove cost?

DachLove now offers platform where Local Australian artists / designers / makers sell their items on our platform. Please see our Pricing section more information.

Pricing:  Free to list your products on our website.

What are gift guide credits?

On our home page, you will be able to find a Gift Guide section.  New sellers will be able to be featured in our gift guide. You will only be able to list 2 items in your first month.  However, if you which to feature on the home page in the gift catalogue for a longer period of time. You will have to make contact with the support., send an email to  You will be able to promote one of your products in our Gift Guide for 15 days (value: $2/item).

If I list an item with a quantity of 100 and a customer buys 50 of them, will I be charged extra listing fees?

No. Quantities of any products you list on our store do not incur a charge and do not take up extra space in your shop. Sell as much as you like.

Will I be charged a 15% commission?

Yes, for now, you will be charged an 15% commission on each sale, or until further notice.  As we grow, we will hopefully grow into a position to suspend any commissions. The commission received will assist us in providing support to you and your clients. Pay for applications that attract traffic to our website and any costs occurred to assist with marketing expenses.  Promoting your products to the best of our ability. 

Are there any additional paid features I can sign up for?

Yes.  The GIFT GUIDE is a wonderful way to gain extra exposure and be listed at the top of our home page.  Statistics show that people do not scroll too far down on a pay.  They will scroll down maybe a page, if they cannot see what they are looking for, they will buy what they see, or leave a website.  You will increase your chances by 30% to generate more sales than the rest of the people that advertise and do not feature in the Gift Guide. 

Gift Guide enables you - To have your products featured in the gift guide & front page in our gift guide for up to 30 days (or until sold) you will have to pay a minimal additional cost of $2.00 per listing. 

Send us an email ( if you want to be featured in the GIFT GUIDE.  We will assist you to get your products to be featured in the GIFT GUIDE.

What is the maximum number of items allowed by my plan and I sell an item, can I list another item to replace it?

Yes, you can add as many products as you want on DachLove.  Currently, Dach Love do not limit the number of products you can list.  So you can list as many items as you want at no additional cost. As other websites limit you.  Just remember to make your products inactive/archived. Do not leave items that are out of stock in your shop. If you do. Your shop will acquire negative feedback and will have an effect on the duration of your shops' visibility.  Please ensure that your products are dispatched as indicated in your shop.




Will subscriptions be refundable if I change my mind?

No, our subscription model is so affordable and we would have invested time in the setup and management of your account, for this reason, we cannot offer refunds.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

If you do not want to sell your products on DachLove anymore or you are sold out and have no products to sell anymore.  Please make your products and store inactive.  If you need assistance, please send us an email -

What will happen to my store after my subscription is canceled?

Once you cancel a subscription, all your products and account history remain in our system so you can easily re-subscribe if you're planning to return after an extended break. If you'd like us to remove your store completely, just drop us a line at and we can delete it from the database, however, please bear in mind that store deletion cannot be reversed.  For audit and record keeping purposes.  This is not recommended. Rather just make your store inactive.

When do I get charged for my commission?

Only when you sell a product, the commission will be deducted from the payment.

How long does my listing last?

Listings last for 6 months or 180 days from the date of creation of the listing unless the item sells before this time, and you plan not to sell the product anymore.  In that case, you can just make it inactive.

When do I get charged for my item listing fees?

No listing fees will be charged. All listings will be free of charge.

Where can I find my tax invoices?

You can find your full account history and all tax invoices in My Dach Love > Billing > Invoices. The invoice entitled ‘Next Invoice’ shows charges that will be charged at your next subscription renewal date.

Do Dach Love invoices include GST?

Dach Love is not registered for GST.

How can I pay my Dach Love commission?

All commission will be deducted before the product payment amount is paid over to you.   Your clients will have the opportunity to pay for their products using  Stripe, credit card, debit Mastercard, or Visa debit card and Paypal. These are the only accepted methods of payment.

Will my credit card details be safe?

Absolutely. We won't store any of your credit card details on our server and they will all be held securely by the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is a PCI-compliant payment provider, which means they meet the highest standards for security.

(Disclaimer:  Pricing can be changed at any time without prior notice)