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Getting Featured in DachLove Promotions

What are the DachLove write up and who receive them?

DachLove sends out a monthly Community write up to our email subscribers, wherever we have a tendency to feature a collection of editor’s choice.  Where a featured designer will be placed within the spotlight, blog posts, associate up to two paid advertising banners.

Why does a similar kind of product consistently appear to be featured more often?

We don't favour individual sellers or explicit designs or designers.  We focus on different elements.  We try to present our audience with a variety of various product and designs. However, we have a tendency to try and solely feature well-photographed products and this might be why the design of a product appear similar. 

Why do some sellers get featured over others?

If sellers list new products, then they will be featured (because we promote new designs/ideas).  Keep these criteria in mind when you look at featured products.

  • Sellers who frequently list new designs/products will have a higher likelihood of being featured.
  • Sellers who promote their DachLove store on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will feature more often in this section.
  • Sellers with top quality product pictures have a higher probability to be featured.

Do you have any tips to assist increase my chances to get in the featured section?

  • List new items/designs more often.
  • Include keywords in your description; words that relate to your item thus once we seek for themes to promote, you have got an improved likelihood of being detected.
  • Let your descriptions work for you and help you to stand out from the crowd. Make certain to weave these keywords/terms into your description of your item instead of ‘keyword stuffing’, (ie. simply listing a heap of keywords or terms) as this may negatively impact your store’s ranking in Google searches.
  • Put the maximum amount effort into your product presentation and photography as you are doing in making your items/products as this will not only help your products to look good. But it would make people want to buy your products.  No 1 fact.  Photos sell your product – the voice of your product.  Let your photos talk when you cannot talk on their behalf!

Do I actually have to possess good quality photos to be included in the newsletters / promotions?

Having great quality photos won't only help your products to be featured, but it will also assist you to sell more products.  However, it'll assist you to be included in the newsletters and/or be alternatively feature.

Here are some handy tips for taking the beautiful value added images/photos

  • no flash, use natural, even lightweight (no shadows)
  • use a neutral background or a solid colour to avoid distracting from the topic
  • take photos from different angles to examine what works best (including elaborated shots)
  • notice an area in your house that has sensible natural light and take a look at a suitable time of the day to photograph your items. Once you are satisfied with the quality/lighting condition use during those time frames.
  • Take into consideration the placement for all of your products/items in the image.
  • use depth of field (blurred backgrounds this will enhance quality and let your product stand out)
  • experiment to establish what works best for you and your product types
  • use a photograph to add feature distinction to, and brighten, your pictures
  • avoid adding watermarks to your pictures that will take the focus away from your product

Can I include my private website information in my description or banner?

No, DachLove policy is that website addresses mustn't be enclosed in your store or item descriptions, pictures or banners.

Why cannot I embody my personal web site address in my description or banner?

With cross-promotion, it will jeopardise potential sales for all sellers, when you lead them off the DachLove website and this way you all loos a possible sale.  If alternative net addresses are found in your descriptions or banner, you will be excluded from the promotion of your product in our newsletters, spotlight interviews and alternative promotional avenues.

Are social media links allowed in my descriptions or banner?

We prefer that no Social Media links are allowed to be displayed on your storefront or your product descriptions, but if you do have Social Media links, you can direct them with links to your products on your store.  By doing this you bring more buyers even if other sellers benefit from your client, next time another seller bring a buyer to his store.  If he/she does the same, you will benefit just as much from it.  Because his buyers would not have seen your products.  Positive snowball effect.