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Who is Dach Love

Signature Dachshund Gifts & Accessories

Dach Love is an online exclusive store dedicated to dachshunds and their parents. We stock a large range of dachshund gifts and accessories as well as our signature Dach Love designs. Choose from a great range of cute costumes and jumpers made specifically for our unique long bodied wiener pups and have them shipped worldwide. We are proudly serving the dachshund community by sponsoring rescue groups and providing high quality products to Sausage dog lovers around the globe. We love sharing photos and videos of Doxies through our Dachshund Lovers Online social media accounts, we would like to invite you to get involved. Post and view #Dachlove4all on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest as well as other platforms. On our blog page, we would like to invite guest bloggers to write about their Doxie passion and favourite products.  Write and post your blog on our blog post page and join Miss Mollie the Celebrity Dachshund in educating the humans, lets talk Dachshunds and Love for these special creatures We just want to know what makes you tick! Once again fall in love with this loyal, adventurous, adorable and unique sausage dog breeds.  We are based in Toowoomba, but ship United States, Canada, Australia etc.....
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