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Miss Mollie the Celebrity Dachshund Corner

Mollie created a new space to have her say in this mini-journal about Dachshunds.

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Yes, Mollie decided that she needs a space where she can raise her voice!  Because she is a girl, and you know girls have to talk a lot, we decided to give her this blog to do just that! 

Find her voice

She is going to share and raise her voice about everything that is interesting, funny and new on this channel.

Topics that Mollie will discuss

What is Mollie going to talk about?  Yes, you guessed it! 

Get All The Dachshund Information You Would Ever Want To Know.

DACHSHUND RELATED TOPICS, and it is going to happen on this channel, right here!

Keep your eye on this spot!


Dachshund Corner

We love to feature cute and awesome dachshunds video and photos in our channel and page. Want to be one of them? send us your best funny, interesting photos and videos you have there! 

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