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Miss Mollie’s Customized Gift Items for Holiday 2018

Hi everyone!

Holidays is just around the corner – have you found the purrfect gifts for mom and dad yet? Or are you still  looking for the perfect personal gift. I, Miss Mollie would like to show you this special features that DachLove have.  How awesome is this.  I just had to share it. DachLove now allow people to fully customize their gifts and gift the gift of love to the person they care about the most! I know that my designs are awesome (because I feature on it).  But I know yours would be way more pawsome because your favorite Pup/dog/pet/family will feature on it!  


Don’t worry it will not be as difficult as you imagined. With just four simple steps, you can already customize the gifts you wanted to give. 

Design your own gift, no one else can give the same gift.  Yours will be super special.

steps to customized miss mollie

  1. Choose a good photo – find the best photo you want to include in the gift idea that you want to give. It may be the coolest picture of your pet, a selfie of the pet with mom or dad, or even a family photo with the furry friends. It is your call.  Most importantly.  It should be a good quality photo.
  2. Select a Product – Miss Mollie offer pawesome items that you can give. It is not just limited to t-shirt or bag but here, you can also have the options to select mug, towel, pillow case, socks or even a pillow case phone cases. You can decide how you make your memories last a lifetime.  Just select a product in our customization section and my awesome team will be there to help you.
  3. Select the Customize Button – follow the easy steps and fill out all the information on how you want your gift to be customized.
  4. Preview and Submit Orders – Some products you will be able to see the customization immediately.   Once you are happy and satisfied with your design, you can submit your orders.  But for those items that is super personalised, we will have to send you a email to approve the design.

Here is the complete set we created with my beautiful face on:

  1. Customized Drawstring Bag – carry your necessities with you with this customized drawstring bag. So light and handy with an image of your adorable pet.drawstring bag
  2. Customized iPhone Case – protect your phone from damages, scratches and cracks by using a phone case. Make the phone case extra special by printing the face of your loved pet.iphone case
  3. Customized Photo Mug – enjoy your coffee, tea or me (just joking) hot or cold with a good mug. The content of the mug becomes more delicious when you see the photo of your cute dachshund/dog/pet.mug
  4. Customized Photo Towel – take it to the beach or use it every day. Make this towel extra special by printing the image of you pretty pet.towel
  5. Customized Pillow – beautify your home and have a one of a kind unique display in your home.  You can even use it on your bed. Every time you hug it, it can feel like you are also hugging your own pet because the photo can be printed, real life photo or van even be converted into a cartoon image.pillow
  6. Customized Socks – protect your feet as you walk or run with these customized socks. Make these undergarment more admirable with your pet’s photo in it.socks
  7. Customized Unisex T-Shirt – t-shirts have been the fastest selling in our line. You can also join the thousands of people customizing their shirt with their pups printed in the front.  If you are creative enough, play around with the photo before you upload it.  tshirt

I know that there are a lot of gift ideas, you were looking for something special.  This is it!  More personalised you would not be able to find anywhere else.  Add these to your wish list? 

Once you received your products, remember to send me your photos on my Social media platforms.

Miss Mollie here, wishing you all happy shopping!

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