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2018 Top 5 Dachshund Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween 2018 is just around the corner pawrents! Have you bought your fur babies their OOTH (as in Outfit of the Halloween? My mom has bought me some lovely dachshund Halloween costumes ideas that I would like to share.  I love it so much! I feel like I’m prettier when I am wearing it.

To help you choose a cool costume for your pet, I am listing down my favorites. I hope these will help you, make you feel awesome this Halloween!  Fit into the crowd.

1. Hospital Doctor Halloween Event Costume

Hospital Doctor Halloween Event Costume
Owning a pet gives humans a number of health benefits so it is ideal to dress your pet as doctors this upcoming Halloween with this Doctor outfitSome studies shows that pets help in improving cardiovascular diseases and helps in the overall psychological well-being.

2. Tutu Princess Wedding Dress

Tutu Princess Wedding Dress

Dress your princess like a real bride this Halloween! Catch this beautiful Tutu Princess Wedding Dress and automatically attract everyone’s attention in the party. This is also made from quality materials so your dog is absolutely comfortable all throughout the event. Also available in a beautiful white.

3. Snow White Dress Halloween Event Costume

Snow White Dress Halloween Event Costume

It’s the best time of the year to turn a fairy tale into a reality! Dress your pet as Snow White with this Snow White Dress and own the ball. Like Snow White, apple may be the poisonous in your pet. The apple itself can be healthy but be careful with the core as it contains the seeds which are dangerous for the dog’s health.

4. Funny Police Costume

Costume Funny Assorted Whimsical Dachshund

T keep up law and order can be fun.  Dress up your pet with this cute police get up with this Police costume. Make people behave accordingly as soon as they see your pet a police officer. Who would want to make a cute pet get angry right? This impressive outfit will surely promise to bring joy and laughter to the guests in the party.

5. Hot Dog Halloween Event Costume

Hot Dog Pet Dog Halloween Event Costume

And the last but not the least, the costume that is my favorite - Hot Dog Costume. The most popular outfit in the store.  Because Hot Dogs are so popular worldwide.  This what my mom bought me and I really love it. A perfect match. I perfectly fit into the bun and really look like a hot dog wrapped in this bun. If your Mom bought you one.  Please make sure that you send us your photos.

Have you now decided which costume should you get for your pet this upcoming Halloween? Don't forget to tag us in the comment or in our social media pages especially on DachLove Facebook with the awesome pictures of your pet this Halloween!

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